These are the tools Lacy and I use to create digital marketing money-making machines (see our case studies below!).

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What we do for you


Well, I'm a Jack of all marketing trades, master of a few & Lace is too. That's why we carefully select the clients we know we can truly help. If you need the following, you're in good hands.



Organic search engine visibility. Ever-expanding brand awareness. Thought leadership. Revenue. Those are a few perks I’ve claimed for my clients. I specialize in:

Content strategy, keyword research, mapping & optimization. Content audits, gap analysis, SEO-enhanced copy, content calendars & content creation. Want proof? Here’s a couple.




Search Engine Optimization

Search engine algorithms evolve. A lot. Lucky for you, I do too. I evolve my work so we can consistently move the needle. Quality results — nothing less.

Want to see a case study? Here’s some killer SEO results.


Google Ads Management

PPC and lead generation are both incredibly rewarding. When you increase a startup’s revenue by over 500%, it feels good. Really good.

But it’s not about feelings. It’s about results.

Segway à la case study numero 3 – Lead-gen results.




Funnel Creation & Optimization

Funnel’s nearly the right word. But it’s not just a funnel. Done right, it’s a living, breathing, automated digital ecosystem. It attracts your target market & methodically pulls them down the funnel, nurturing them, building value, keeping you at the top of their minds. And when they’re ready, the ecosystem converts them. Boom.

Here’s a simple funnel I created to generate social proof.

Let's get you the gold.

Between Lacy, myself and the team, we currently have space for at least one new monthly project, but that won’t last long.

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