Lead Generation

B2B Business Increases Revenue by Over 500%

This is my favorite project to date. This case study won’t do it justice, but it’ll give you an idea anyway. Ultimately, I built their digital marketing ecosystem from the ground up.

I have to give credit to the product — this service sold like nobody’s business. When I had finished building this masterpiece and the dust settled, our funnel was pulling in over $2 million a year in annual revenue.


► Create quality content and digital ad campaigns to increase thought leadership and leads generated.

► Create an actionable strategy to expand the brand by locating our target market and serving relevant ads and content to them based on their stage in the buyer’s journey.

► Build an automated digital marketing system to pull new leads into the funnel, push them from the top of the funnel to the bottom, and ultimately convert them into a regular source of revenue.


I started with a comprehensive digital marketing audit, which in this case included competitor, content, and web analytics research. I also built upon existing company data by interviewing the CEO, COO, Director of Growth and Sales Manager.

Then I used the insights from the audit and research to create a multi-channel digital marketing strategy, which guided my efforts building the full-scale digital marketing ecosystem, complete with a fully automated lead funnel that drove a consistent stream of high quality sales qualified leads (SQLs).

The channels I used to build the funnel included Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, email, Google Adwords, LinkedIn advertising and more.


► Phase 1: Increased digital marketing revenue from $0 to $50,000+ per month in under 6 months

► Phase 2: Increased annual marketing revenue from $600k to over $1m

► Phase 3: Drove over $2 million in revenue in 15 months*

► Increased annual marketing revenue by well over 500%


*By the time we had crossed the $2 million mark, we had a marketing team hired and running full steam, so the additional $1 million was not solely from my efforts.

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October 14, 2018
Lead Generation, Demand Generation, Digital Marketing Ecosystem
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