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I thoroughly love helping people navigate their content journey from start to end. I’ll help you nail down your most powerful keywords, implement them, and create the content that makes content marketing so incredibly worth it. The results?


► Increased organic search engine visibility.

► Greater brand awareness and recognition.

► More visitor-attracting, engaging and converting content.


Here’s a few articles I’ve written for clients across the spectrum of our economy; for law firms, retailers, healthcare clinics, marketing agencies, and many more. You can visit the live articles through the links below, or read the Google doc version if it fits your fancy.

***Please keep in mind, these URLs may change over time. I do my best to keep it updated — if you find a broken link, I apologize.


Private Military Contracting Ebook (Sales Copywriting, Landing Page)

The Best Sales Letter Ever Written & 2 Billion Reasons Why or View Google Doc  (Blog Post)

7 Brilliant Ways to Generate Quality Leads (Blog Post)


          ► Highest Paying Career Paths In Finance (Up to $250k) (Blog Post)

          ► Networking In Finance ($105k+, Investment Banking & More) (Blog Post)

          ► Investment Banking Interview Questions (Only Focus On THESE In 2019) (Blog Post)


Geode Health Mental Health Services – Allen, TX (Landing Page, Brand Copywriting)

Heartswell Depression Counseling & Therapy (Landing Page, Brand Copywriting)

Heartswell Couples Therapy (Landing Page, Brand Copywriting)


Proving Medical Malpractice & Pursuing Compensation (Blog Post)

Negligent Discharge From The Hospital: Can You Sue? (Blog Post)

Hypertonic Infants: Is A Stiff Baby Cause For Concern? (Blog Post)

Daniel Mestaz Law (Landing Page, Brand Copywriting)


Why Are Beards Awesome? I’ll Give You 10 Glorious Reasons (Blog Post)

Career Addict The 3 Most Overrated Careers (Blog Post)

How to Live Like Royalty in a Tropical Paradise (Ecuador) — on $50 a Day (Blog Post)


Would You Do ANYTHING For A Positive Review? Local SEO Suggests You Might At Least Think About It. (Blog Post)

4 Brilliant Content Marketing Lessons From The Dude (Blog Post)

Flood Digital SEO Agency (Landing Page, Brand Copywriting)


Lithium Deep Cycle Marine Batteries (Landing Page, Brand Copywriting)

Lithium Deep Cycle RV Batteries (Landing Page, Brand Copywriting)

Emergency Start Battery (Landing Page, Brand Copywriting)

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October 14, 2018
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