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Rock Paper Root. Just Published!

Web Design Portfolio (Sales Video)

Problem: Create a recognizable brand in the KC Metro area. Solution: Use the Impact logo as a visual […]

Business and Career Writing

There’s very little I enjoy more than a good blog post or magazine article, on both sides […]

Introducing Stickman (Sales Video)

Problem: Golden Ratio Content is a small digital marketing agency with an established clientele, but very little […]

Balls Making an Impact (Sales Video)

Problem: Create a recognizable brand in the KC Metro area. Solution: Use the Impact logo as a visual […]

Dave’s Paper World (Sales Video)

Problem: Create a recognizable brand in the KC Metro area. Solution: Use the Impact logo as a […]


Problem: Webgears needs a campaign to position themselves in the market as an emerging ecommerce website building […]


Problem: Fueled needs a campaign to position their brand in the market as a cutting edge, forward thinking […]

Art Sharks Art House

Problem: Need to increase the email list and develop an effective direct mail campaign. Solution: A synching of digital […]

Impact Social Media

Problem: We want them to try Impact social Media’s Social media marketing, and see how simple and cost effective Impact’s social media marketing is, and how rational it is with Impact’s social media metrics measuring. Solution: We want people to inspired at how simple and affordable social media is, etc.

Lifestyle Blogging

A few of my latest lifestyle articles — the links below will take you to the live […]

Apex Letters (eBook)

About me


This is the part where I…
…ramble about myself, gently stroking my ego as I bludgeon you to death with the blunt instrument of glazed, bloodshot, bleary-eyed boredom.
(Until you flee to the next section.)
It could get ugly.


I’ve had a love affair with words since I could toddle over to my dad’s typewriter to monkey-slap the keys like the violent little imp I happened to be.

Things haven’t changed much since.

Writing and creating killer content is more than a channel of raging fun and unrestrained, childish creativity.

It’s an almost tangible form of happy — an emotional caffeine pill maybe, or an edible word-rainbow of LSD.

Like you could bottle it up and peddle it as a cure-all, opiumsmackcrack sort of tincture.

That would be cool.

There was a brief stint when I wanted to be a garbageman.

Then I wanted to be a potato farmer.

And a football player.

But those dreams quickly faded before the ultimate dream: to be a content marketer, writer and strategist.

Merge that with an unstoppable addiction to psychology, art, and graphic design and KAPOW


Copywriter Josh was birthed.

The rest is a muddled history, traces of which can be found in the sacred archives of this website.

In the end, it’s ideas, dreams, verbal art, mental poo-flinging and graphic design poetry that get me up in the dark of the morning, and keep me charged into the silent hours of the night.

Life is a twisted freak of an adventure and I’m grateful to God for it.

I’m good at stuff.



Colossal Ideas


Small but still deadly ideas




Javelin throwing


Baby seal mauling


Underwhelming ideation and copy

Looking for a little nudge of awesome?
Talk to me
about stuff. Anything really.
If you despise these forms as much as I do, feel free to send me things at, or tell me things at 757.572.5165.

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